The Team


Jonathan Taylor

For the last 5 years, Jonathan has been producing and directing broadcast television, corporate, and commercial media; filming in 27 different countries all over the world. In addition to satisfying numerous corporate and commercial clients, his work has been seen on Home and Garden Television (HGTV), Great American Country (GAC), the Veria Network, HBO/OCS France, and CBS News. While Jonathan’s television and commercial work has centered on the subjects of travel, architecture, food, and lifestyle; his background as a theatre director and scriptwriter are instrumental when it comes to narrative work and directing talent.


Trent Stephenson

Trent has worked in and around film production for nearly a decade, cutting his teeth early in the greater Los Angeles area, working on both the commercial and feature realms of production. He studied Communication Design at the University of North Texas, and has won several awards within the American Advertising Federation. He has worked on several big accounts, as an Art Director/Creative Production intern at the Barkley agency in Kansas City this last year, while also producing and directing his first independent feature. Trent currently serves as a creative producer, director, and cinematographer for Karve Media.


Chris Taber

Chris Taber is one of the world’s most sought after Polecam Operators. He works worldwide and has developed a range of bespoke mods to enhance the Polecam system. Chris spent a week in Moscow recently training Russian Camera Operators in the noble art of Polecam. The Operators, all of whom worked on the Winter Olympics in Sochi, and his Polecam system has been showing its strengths on the US TV show “You Live in What?” Travelling across the UK and Europe, the crew has been visiting and shooting people and their extraordinary homes.

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